Sunday, 13 September 2009

What are words worth: word of the day is snarkful

I love words - I suppose I should since one day, before I am being force fed mush in an old people's home, I plan to be a published writer.

I used to keep a book of words and everytime I discovered a new word I would write it and its definition in the book. I haven't looked at it for a long time, but here we go. Under 'H' are the words hyperbole, hebetude and harbinger.

My youngest daughter's flavour of the year in words is 'sublime'. Whenever I proof-read her homework I notice she manages to slip it in somewhere!

And isn't it just such a rich, voluptuous word? Roll it around in your mouth and get a feel for it. Yum.

Five of my personal faves are sanguine, languid, insousiance, serendipity and desultory. Lush (that's one too).

But today I discovered a new, fun word. I had seen the term 'snarky' used in the past, but never 'snarkful', which seems to be a new take. Snark, says, is a combination of 'snide' and 'remark'.

So, now when you're in conversation try dropping in the word snark, snarky, snarkily or the best of all - SNARKFUL. There's also snarkster, snarkasm, snarkalicious, snarkenfreude(!) and snarkalec.

Here' another variation just invented by me - snarkoholic (noun); A person addicted to snarkful comments.


Anita Joy said...

Shayne, words can be so much fun. When I worked in consultancy, my team had a competition where we'd randomly open the dictionary and stab a word with a pin - then the competition was to see who could get that word into a report *and approved** first. Quite hilarious to see use of words - and how ignorant management oculd be lol.

Shayne said...

Hi Anita
Try to squeeze a few unusual favourites into your ms and see if they get through!

Martin said...

You are a published writer! You wannabe a published romance writer too methinks.
Your peripatetic one-time publisher friend.