Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A rant on silly tattoos and tongue piercings

My eldest daughter, Precious Princess, returned from a three-day music festival in the wilds of Tasmania with a piercing. It's only small and it's in her ear (that little bit of cartilage in the front) so I can handle that. At least a piercing can be removed.

But I have told her, in my headmistress voice, that a tongue piercing is banned. One of her friends has one, a silver ball that makes her talk funny. It's easy to become distracted when chatting to someone with a tongue piercing because you catch occasional glimpses of the ball as it rolls around the mouth.

Tattoos are also on my fuddy-duddy banned list. That same friend has the word gentleness tattooed on her lower abdomen. It sounds like an ad for an antacid to relieve indigestion.

Whatever, she's going to have to keep toned because gentleness could very well sag into a gentle mess when she's 40.

PP mentioned another of her friends who has All things must come to pass tattooed on her lower back.

Even PP concedes that one's an unfortunate mistake.
Girls just can't get away with tattoos, especially as they get older, the way boys can.
PS: I admit it, Hamish Blake does look adorable with his tiny tatt. Cheeky boy.


Mon said...

Yep, tattoos are unfortunate on girls. Then again, tattoos look horrid on anyone when they get old or fat. I have to agree with you there!

Hamish and Andy are so cool... did you see they did a ghosting challenge on Leno? Hilarious stuff.

Shayne said...

I missed Jay Leno, but I've seen them ghosting and it's hilarious.


Carol said...

I wish you luck! My beautiful daughter (25) had a small tatt when she left for L.A. 13 months ago - it has since 'grown'. No piercings though - there were a thing of her teens, now all gone.
I find them off-putting, but I think it is a generational thing. All her peers (particularly female) seem to have them - so they will all sag together. Or maybe a whole industry of tatt removalists will have sprung up!

Shayne said...

Hi Carol

If the tatt is small and discreet (on a part of the body that's not easily visible) I don't mind, though I suppose that negates the reason for having the tattoo in the first place.

I'll call when we're back from down south to talk tatts and tango.