Monday, 18 January 2010

She's back... from Tasmania

Welcome back blogsters.

I have just returned from an epic journey to Tasmania (one week actually) the smallish island at the bottom right-hand corner of Australia, which is separated from the mainland by Bass Strait.

A lot of mainlanders disregard Tassie, but it's a beeee-uuuu-di-full place.

No traffic (asset), but heaps of roadkill (drawback). The latter phenomenom is because the poor hapless wallabies, possums and wombats hang out on the roads at night only to be scrunched and squelched by the poor hapless drivers who spot them too late to swerve.

Deadset, the only wildlife I saw in Tassie was one echidna (probably about to be scrunched by a car) and zillions of rabbits (vermin that seems to be thriving on the golf course near our accommodation). No Tasmanian Devils (maybe one squelched). And definitely no thylacines (I reckon the last one standing was run down by a car).
I was down south with Spanner and Miss Hissy, as Miss Hiss was in a big sailing regatta in the north-east of the island.

Once I got over the proliferation of dead meat (dinner for the crows), I had an abfab time.

I'm having trouble loading my pics, so this one will have to do for the time being - it's a promo pic taken from the internet of Cataract Gorge in Launceston.
More soon, then back to swimming and romance. XXXX


Eleni Konstantine said...

Welcome back Shane!

Shayne said...

Thanks Eleni. Sadly, reality beckons.

Anita Joy said...

Hey Shayne, nice to have you back :)

Angelina Tanguera said...

Beware starting too many blogs! I speak from experience... it makes it really difficult to write anything else! Now if I could combine tango, cruising, parenting... and now water resources I would do just one!!

Shayne said...

Yes, you're right. Maybe I spoke too soon. I think a blog has to be specific, so maybe I'll do one post on swimming and the next on writing - and alternate.