Sunday, 24 January 2010

Swim report: Warriewood to Mona Vale Mighty Marathon Swim

So, brother-in-law Davo and I arrive at Mona Vale nice and early, just after 8.30am, to be confronted by a dog's breakfast.

The surf was all over the shop. In silence, we watched a surf boat almost get dumped causing the guy at the back to fall overboard with the tiller.

I was a cranky little Vegemite as the gods of flat seas had failed to deliver yet again. Yesterday during a shocking heatwave the ocean was flatter than my singing in the shower. Today, after stormy weather, was another story.

We drove around to Warriewood for a squizz. This was where the swim was to start, and fortunately conditions were calmer.

Davo carried on about being ambivalent, but he always does (are you reading this Davo?).

Of course we would do it. We were there, we'd paid and bragged ad nauseum to anyone who'd listen about our ocean-swimming feats. Also, my friend Mrs Love-A-Chat was there with a cheer squad to meet us at the end.

There was no room for ambivalence.

We drove back to MV, parked and caught the shuttle bus to Warriewood.

Davo and I are older codgers so we were in the last wave of swimmers to enter the surf. A couple of the younger groups copped several big breakers as they strode in over a sand bank.

When the starter gun went off for those aged 100 and over, Davo started swimming immediately. This was a smart move as I doddled about and had to duck under several waves before reaching the first can.

The Warriewood to Mona Vale swim is what's known as a destination swim - you go from one place to another. These are the 'funnest' swims to do. It was lovely out the back of the breakers, just swimming along and enjoying the north-flowing current. When my goggles weren't fogged up (I must get a new pair) I could see the ocean floor, it was that clear. I could also see the bubbles streaming from the kicking feet of my fellow swimmers. Bliss.

But then we had to get back to shore. It was rough and the current was no longer my friend. It was still trying to push me north. I got sucked under a couple of waves, but finally made it out.

Davo beat me, as usual. Watch out mate. I know where you live.

To summarise: It was an excellent swim, but there were a couple of cheaters - at the start some of the sly dogs in the older age groups started the swim to the right of the official starting line. A small advantage as the current was pushing north. For me, the bigger issue (if you can call it that) was at the end of the swim when some of those swimmers who were physically assisted by the surf lifesavers still ran over the finish line to get a faster time than they would've.

Them's the breaks... and karma is a powerful force.


Anita Joy said...

Ahh, but Shayne, at least you know your time was fair dinkum.

May the calm ocean gods be with you for your next one ;)

Sandie Hudson said...

At least you know the time you got was your own. I never understand how people can get enjoyment out of something if they cheat their way to the finish line.

Hope you have better luck next time Shayne.