Thursday, 13 January 2011

Every other summer = bushfires but in 2011 summer = floods and bullsharks

Summer in Australia can be a tense time because it is so often accompanied by the unmistakable smell of burning bushland and the sight of smoke haze and billowing grey 'clouds' in the distance that indicate mighty blazes in national parks and State forests.

But this year's different. For several months, it's been wet, wet, wet in the eastern states. And in northern NSW and Queensland the relentless downpour has led to scenes of devastation and destruction. So far, 12 people north of the border have lost their lives trying to escape the deluge. There are still around 50 unaccounted for. And thousands are homeless as they wait for the torrents of water to subside so they can return to their homes and businesses - or what remains. 

Here in Sydney we are (touch wood) bloody lucky. Authorities say we can help with a money donation. Go to:

Interestingly (and a lighter aside) the floods and wet weather have had an effect on the habits of local shark populations. For example, a bull shark was supposedly spotted in a Brisbane 'street' after that city's eponymous river broke its banks two days ago and flooded the inner-suburbs. This sighting hasn't been confirmed, but it is possible because bull sharks frequent the river.

And on the NSW south coast last weekend, Mollymook Beach was closed after a bull shark, described by the media as a 'three-metre monster', was seen 'lurking' within 25 metres of swimmers. 

According to the experts, recent rain and warm weather have something to do with sharks 'hanging around' (as one report stated) the beach. Large schools of fish swimming close to shore are also an attraction.         

My thoughts are with those who've been affected affected by the floods. I didn't think I'd ever say it, but I pray the rain will stop.

Photo: Brisbane's CBD from ABC News website 


Richard said...

I did chuckle though when I read about the shark swimming in a flooded street. The newspapers sure do love a good shark story. It got an equal headline to the other flood disaster stories.

Anonymous said...

Great post Shayne.

Just the thought of a shark lurking around the streets where one may walk into to see damage sends shivers down my spine.

And yes, rain begone!!!!

Tam :)

Shelley said...

It was probably one of those 'serial killer' sharks The Oz warned us of

Shayne said...

Yep, it would've made the perfect Australian story if they'd managed to sight a croc as well as the shark.

Interestingly, there is 3D movie called BAIT (I did a post on it some months back) where a shark gets washed into an underground carpark on the Gold Coast. You can imagine the collatoral damage.

I'm sure it's soon-to-be released.