Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year from Sydney, Australia

You don't have to go into the city or the Eastern Suburbs to get a fantastic view of the New Year's Eve fireworks in Sydney. We watched the 9pm action from Clarke's Point on the northern side of the bridge. Someone told me Sydney's Mayor Clover Moore allocated $5 million to the fireworks spectacular this year. I'm not sure if this covers the whole kit and kaboodle, which includes barges loaded with fireworks at various vantage points along the harbour. I was also told this money roughly equates to each Sydneysider spending $4 on the event. Determined to get our money's worth, we joined friends at 6pm and settled in a great spot just about where the Lane Cove River converges with the harbour. A barge sat on the harbour across from us, and we had a clear view the up harbour to the bridge. 

It was money well spent and though my pics aren't professional they should give you an idea of the synchronisation of the fireworks - on every barge the same fireworks were launched simultaneously. 

It was brilliant. The weather was perfect - the wind seemed to drop off in time for the show. 

Happy New Year! And may you have good health, happiness and prosperity in 2011 (a tall order, but you never know what life's gonna throw at you).

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Eleni Konstantine said...

Gorgeous shots. Have a fantastic 2011!