Friday, 28 January 2011

Them's the breaks: Davo's broken his wrist and he's out of the Palmy to Whale

Some people will do anything to avoid stiff competition. Knowing that I'm nipping at his heels this ocean swimming season, Davo has gone and broken his wrist. I'm not saying the accident was intentional, but I have my suspicions.

This is the worst time to be out of the water as the season is at its peak in February, with three major swims in the pipeline. The Big Swim from Palmy to Whale is this Sunday, the Cole Classic is on February 6 and the week after, February 13, is the North Bondi Classic.

Davo, the wife and kids were at a barbecue at their friends' house when the accident happened. After enjoying several relaxing sorbets, Davo thought he'd line up with the kids for a go on the homemade flying fox. Can you visualise the outcome already? Do I need to describe what happened next?

According to Davo, the flying-fox handle snapped mid-flight when he was two metres above the ground. He landed on his back (ouch) and must have put his right hand down to break his fall (double ouch). At the time, he didn't feel much pain...

When I last spoke to him, he'd just had an MRI and sounded fairly optimistic. It could've been worse - his back or head could have taken the brunt of the fall.

All I know is the wrist is wrecked and I've lost my swimming partner - and driver - for at least three weeks. Yeah, that's me, Little Ms Shellfish.

But it's also three weeks without the fun teasing, the jokes and the all-round camaraderie that comes from being part of an exclusive ocean-swimming team.

Maybe there's a lesson in Davo's accident for all of us... I'm trying to think of something wise to write here, but it's not coming to me...

...avoid child's play when it involves being suspended mid-air from a homemade flying fox with a wonky handle.   

Photo: Happy Days. Davo and the Hiss after the swim at Gerringong


Anita Joy said...

Dunno how much you are compared normally, Shayne, but in that photo you can see the Hiss really takes after her Mum :)

Shayne said...

Thanks Anita, but she's way better looking.